The Second Edition of "Uyghur Chronicles"


The Second Edition of "Uyghur Chronicles"

I am delighted to present the Second Edition of "Uyghur Chronicles" in December 2023. I am grateful to thank everyone who contributed to this endeavour. I sincerely appreciate the dedication of contributors whose commitment breathed life into the pages, offering an enriched exploration of Uyghur culture and history. My gratitude extends to the readers and supporters whose enthusiasm for the first edition inspired me to delve deeper. The insightful voices of scholars and experts have added invaluable depth, while our publishing partners and the global community have played pivotal roles in making this edition a reality. With warmth and thanks, I invite you to join us on this cultural journey through the Second Edition of "Uyghur Chronicles."

You can order a copy from Taklimakan Uyghur Publishing House, and they will send books to all countries.


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