Mexmut Sulayman: A Harmony of Uyghur Music



Mexmut Sulayman (June 5, 1968 – November 23, 2020): A Harmony of Uyghur Music
Mexmut Sulayman, born June 5, 1968, was a renowned Uyghur singer and musician from Kashgar . His contributions to Uyghur rock, folk, and pop music left an indelible mark on the cultural landscape.
Early Life:
Sulayman's journey into the world of arts commenced at the Xinjiang Arts Institute in 1981, where he honed his skills in dancing. Upon graduating in 1985, he joined the Kashgar Art Troupe, setting the stage for his musical endeavours. In 1990 Sulayman established the band Riwayet, beginning his captivating musical journey.
Mexmut Sulayman's musical prowess extended beyond conventional genres, with notable contributions to the film industry. He composed the score for "This Is Not A Dream," an Uyghur film directed by Shirzat Yaqup, adapted from a short story by Memtimin Hoshur. His ability to infuse emotion into cinematic compositions showcased the depth of his musical artistry.
In addition to his musical pursuits, Sulayman took on the role of a judge on the reality talent show "The Voice of the Silk Road." His participation in the show reflected his standing in the music industry and contributed to discovering and nurturing new talent in the region.
Tragically, Mexmut Sulayman's journey ended on November 23, 2020, in Ürümqi. The cause of his passing was sudden cardiac arrest following a heart attack. The Uyghur music community deeply felt the loss, as Sulayman's unique voice and musical contributions had left an enduring legacy.
Mexmut Sulayman's life was a evidence to the power of music to transcend cultural boundaries and touch the hearts of audiences. His legacy continues to resonate through the melodies he created, reminding us of artists' profound impact on shaping a community's cultural identity.

December , 2020